Anticipatory Action(AA) Tool for Heat & Cold Waves in Nepal

The project involved organizing an inception workshop, conducting historical trend analysis, developing regression models, creating a web-based application, finalizing the tool, and sharing it with the START Network team to enhance preparedness for heat and cold wave events.

CARE Nepal
Time Duration
2022-06-01 - 2022-12-31
Detailed Description

A collaborative project was done to address the increasing risks associated with heat and cold wave events. Through historical trend analysis and regression model development, stakeholders aim to provide decision-makers with predictive insights to enhance preparedness. The project culminated in the creation of a web-based application, refined through iterative processes, which promises to revolutionize how communities anticipate and respond to temperature extremes.

Key points of this projects are:

  • Organize an inception workshop with participation from wider stakeholders to share the project details and refine the methodology.
  • Historical trend analysis of heat and cold waves events and using heat indices.
  • Developing regression models for correlating heat and cold wave incidents with the weather data.
  • Develop a web based application for anticipating heat and cold wave events based on future weather outlook.
  • Finalize the tool incorporating feedbacks from the sharing meeting and peer review.
  • Share final tool with the START Network team for wider implementation.