Household level landslide risk of the households inBalaucha, Owa and Khinnebhadi to prepare thelandslide vulnerability and susceptibility mapping

The project aimed to develop landslide susceptibility maps, conduct household vulnerability surveys, deploy drones for mapping, compute household-level vulnerability assessments, and submitted a final report in compliance with NDRRMA guidelines.

Time Duration
2022-08-01 - 2022-09-30
Aalital Municipality, Dadeldhura
Detailed Description

This project has been implemented to assess landslide risks and contribute to community resilience. It involved the development of landslide susceptibility maps, conducting thorough household vulnerability surveys, and deploying drones to map the Balaucha area. With a commitment to adherence to NDRRMA guidelines, this initiative was poised to significantly enhance disaster preparedness and risk management in vulnerable regions.

Major work performed in this project are:

  • Developed landslide susceptibility maps in the region.
  • Conducted household vulnerability surveys and collection of data.
  • Deployed the drones and map of the different areas of Balaucha area and generate high-resolution outputs.
  • Computed the Household Level Vulnerability Assessment and risk visualization.
  • Submitted the final report and also work on the assessment format as per the NDRRMA guidelines.