Localization of BIPAD Portal in Rapti Sonari and Narainapur Rural Municipality, BankePage

The project achieved milestones in disaster preparedness by collecting data, stationing local DRR Fellows, training youths in data collection, capacitating officials in data processing, and preparing resources for the BIPAD Portal's localization.

SDF Banke
Time Duration
2022-09-08 - 2022-12-14
Narainapur Rural Municipality, Raptisonari
Detailed Description

The project has made strides in disaster preparedness, collecting relevant data and stationing local DRR Fellows to strengthen municipal capacity. Additionally, it has trained local youths in critical infrastructure data collection, capacitated officials in data processing, and prepared resources for the BIPAD Portal's localization and operationalization.

Key tasks performed in this project are:

  • Collected relevant existing data like Palika profile, stakeholder database and PVCRA data collected by the project and multi-sectoral vulnerabilities and capacity and institutions related information.
  • Stationed two local DRR Fellows, one each at the Palikas for the better understanding, skill transfer and strengthening of municipal capacity.
  • Trained and Capacitated local youths in the spatial and digital data collection of Critical Infrastructures within the rural municipality.
  • Capacitated municipal officials in Data cleaning, processing, arranging into the standard template of BIPAD portal for the upload.
  • Maintained data quality, standards and integrated the data into the BIPAD portal.
  • Conducted Four Days training to the municipal officials in the localization of BIPAD Portal (Data collection, cleaning, processing, arranging in standard templates).
  • Prepared Informative Video and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the localization and operationalization of BIPAD Portal.