Study on Opportunities for Investment in Nature-based Solutions in Lower Karnali flood exposed Palikas

Developed flood hazard model and explored the opportunities for the nature based solutions for lower Karnali flood-prone areas like Bardiya and Kailali districts

Practical Action
Time Duration
2021-04-01 - 2021-10-31
Detailed Description

Efforts were initiated to enhance disaster resilience in flood-prone regions of Bardiya and Kailali districts. These include the development of a flood hazard model, district-level NbS opportunity models, a Draft Working Paper, NbS Policy Brief, business plan, and informative posters—all aimed at promoting sustainable disaster risk reduction and community resilience. Led by collaborative efforts, these initiatives mark a significant stride towards proactive and sustainable disaster management, leveraging nature-based solutions to build a safer future.

Key points of this projects are:

  • Development of Indicative flood hazard model for lower Karnali flood-prone areas (Bardiya and Kailali districts)
  • Development of districts, five Palikas and ward level NbS opportunity model.
  • Draft Working Paper on NbS, NbS Policy Brief for local government, NbS business Plan, and 6. NbS
    related Poster